Welcome to County Cork Alerts

Cork County Alerts is a FREE text message, social media & email alert service. Register for this free service to received text messages directly to your mobile phone or via an app, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter. This service is available for the administrative area of Cork County Council and covers the alert categories listed below:

  • Floods
  • Severe Weather from Met Eireann
  • Road Closure & Scheduled Road Works
  • Planning Application Alerts

Recent Alerts issued by Cork County Council (View all)

Foul Sewer works L2475 Back Road, Passage West
Issued on Oct 19 2018

Flood Defences L4036 Clarke Street, Clonakilty
Issued on Oct 19 2018

Flood Defences L4036 Astna Street, Clonakilty.
Issued on Oct 19 2018

Rehabilitation of a Watermain L8058 Shannon Vale
Issued on Oct 18 2018

Cattle Underpass L3640 Ballybranagan, Cloyne
Issued on Oct 18 2018

This is a completely free service provided by Cork County Council. There are no charges to register and there are no charges to receive alerts by SMS Text Message or any other channel. This service is developed and delivered by Pin Point Alerts Ltd. using their MapAlerter technology.