N71 Carooska/Glangarriff Roadworks

N71 Carooska/Glangarriff Roadworks

Road works will be progressing on the N71 National Secondary Route beteeen Glangarriff village and a point 3.5km East of the Turner Rock Tunnel. These works are due to be ongoing from 25th January 2019 until 6th May 2019.
In order to facilitate the works a temporary speed limit of 50kph will be in place for theie duration. In the interest of health and safety the N71 National Secondary road will be closed beteen Turner Roak Tunnel and Glengarrif Village from Saturday, 18th February at 06:00 to Saturday, 16th March at 20.00.

Alternative Route:

Traffic travelling from Glengarriff to Kenmare shall proceed along the R572 to Castletownbere then take the R571 to Kenmare via Eyeries to rejoin the N71 at Kenmare.

Traffic travelling from Kenmare to Glengarriff shall proceed along the R571 from Kenmare through Eyeries to Castletownbere and then take the R572 to Glengarriff to rejoin the N71 at Glengarriff.

Temporary traffic management measures will be in place for the durationof the works. The diversion routes will be fully signposted. Local access will be maintained. 01 2019
Original SMS Content: Temp speed limit will be implemented from 25/01 until 16/03 (road closed 18Feb - 16March) on N71, Turners Rock to Glengarriff Village to facilitate roadworks.