60kph speed limit on N22 at Carrigaphooca

Road Alert, Dec. 7th 2022
A temp speed lmt of 60kph will be in place until Oct 2023 on N22 at Carrigaphooca, approx 750m west of existing rabout to approx 900m east of the temp r'about

A temporary sspeed limit of 60kph will be operational in both directions of the N22 carriageway, from a point 750m west of the existing roundabout on the N22, to a point on the new dual carriageway approximately 900m to the east of the temporary roundabout at Carrigaphooca (from Easting 528671, Northing 573698 to Easting 530166, Northing 573994).    

This proposed speed limit reduction is necessary as part of the ongoing works on the N22 Baile Bhuirne Macroom Road Development and will be put in place from Friday 9th December 2022 to Friday 27th October 2023.

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