Watermain works L2018 Curravarahane/Gaggin, Bandon

Road Alert, Mar. 9th 2023
Road Closure - L2018 Curravarahane/Gaggin, Bandon from Monday 20th March to Friday 28th April 2023 to facilitate watermain construction.





Pursuant to Section 75 of the Roads Act 1993, & Article 12 of the Roads Regulations 1994, notice is hereby given that Cork County Council will close the following road for the period and reason specified below:


Road Subject of Closure

L-2018-0, Curravarahane/Gaggin, Bandon, Co. Cork.

Phase I – L-2018-0 (part), from its junction with the N71 to its junction with the L-6037-0.

Phase II – L-2018-0 (part), from its junction with the L-6037-0 to Gurteen Crossroads.

Phase III – L-2018-0 (part), from Gurteen Crossroads to its junction with the L-2019-0.


Period of Closure

From 08:00hrs on Monday 20th March 2023 to 18:00hrs on Friday 28th April 2023.

(24hr Closure)

Only one of the “Phases” will be implemented at any given time.


Reason for Closure

To facilitate watermain construction.


Alternative Routes

Phase I & Phase II – traffic intending to traverse the L-2018-0 northward from the N71 junction shall divert at Gaggin eastwards along the N71-982, turn left onto L-2019-0, then turn left onto L-2018, follow the road to Gurteen Cross to reach the road closure from the opposite side.


Phase III – traffic at Gurteen Crossroads shall divert southwards along the L-2018-0 to the N71 junction, turn left onto the N71 and turn left onto L-2019-0 to approach the closed road from the opposite side.


Both of the stated diversion routes are applicable in reverse when travelling in the opposite direction.


Local access will be maintained throughout the duration of the Road Closure where possible.


During the works Gurteen Crossroads and L-6037 shall remain open to traffic at all times.


Ref: TRC-28-2023


Director of Services,

Roads & Transportation,

Cork County Council

The Courthouse


Co Cork

Email: roadclosures@corkcoco.ie

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