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Road AlertFastnet Rally 2023

Road Alert, Oct. 19th 2023
Road Closure - Fastnet Rally 2023 on Sunday 29th October 2023. Stages at Mizen Head, Mount Gabriel , Mount Kid. See email for stage route details.





Pursuant to Section 75 of the Roads Act 1993, & Article 12 of the Roads Regulations 1994, notice is hereby given that Cork County Council will close the following roads for the period and reason specified below:


Fastnet Rally 2023

Sunday 29th October 2023


Stages 1, 4 &7 Mizen Head (07:00hrs to 18:00hrs)


Roads Subject of Closure

The L-4403-123 from its junction with the R591 through Dunmanus East; the L-4403-94 through Dunmanus West, Dunkelly; the L-4403-74 through Dunkelly West, Gortduff; the L-4403-50 through Lackavaun, Carrigacat and Milleen; the L-4403-27 through Balteen; part of L-4403-0 (through Clogher) to its junction with the L-8407-18; the L-8407-18 through Cloghanaculleen; the L-8407-0 through Coorlacka, Boulysallagh.


Alternative Routes

Mizen Head: Goleen to Dunmanus: R-591 and reverse for Dunmanus to Goleen.


Stages 2, 5 & 8 – Mount Gabriel (07:45hrs to 18:30hrs)


Roads Subject of Closure

The L-8417-0 from the junction with the R591, through Toormore, Gortyowen; the L-8417-18 through Arderrawinny, Lissacaha; the L-8418-0 through Gloun; part of the L-8420-0 north of its junction with the L-8417-18; the L-8420-28 through Shantullig South, Barnancleeve; the L-4412-50 through Shantullig South; the L-4413-0 to the 4 crosses at Laharan.


Alternative Routes

Mount Gabriel: Toormore to Barnageehy: R-591 and N-71 and reverse for Barnageehy to Toormore.



Stages 3 & 6 – Mount Kid (08:00hrs to 16:30hrs)


Roads Subject of Closure

The L-4417-0 through Sparrograda, Derreennaclough; the L-4417-12 through Ballybane West, Ballybane East; the L-4417-34 through Ballybane East; the L-8727-0 through Barryroe, Lognagappul; the L-8727-29 through Glanaphuca; the L-8727-46 through Coolboy; part of the L-4708-50 (north of the Ballyourane Bridge); the L-4708-25 through Barna, Gortdromagh; part of the L-4708-0 through Gortdromagh to its junction with R586


Alternative Routes

Mount Kid: Sparrograda to Cullomane: N-71 and R-586 and reverse for Cullomane to Sparrograda.


Rally Service Area – Bantry Airstrip (07.00hrs to 16.30hrs)


Roads Subject of Closure

L-4702-0 (part of) as far as the junction with the L-8705-0 (Airstrip Road), and the L-8705-0 Airstrip Road.


Alternative Route

From Airstrip Road (L-8705-0) - Take the next right turn at the West Lodge Hotel on to the Sheep's Head Road (L-4703-0) and proceed to the junction with L-4702-0. Turn right on to the L-4702-0 and proceed to the junction with the L-8705-0. End of detour. The opposite direction is the reverse of the above. 


In addition, it is proposed to close all adjoining public roads for a distance of 200 metres from the junctions with the roads listed above.


Ref: TRC-184-2023


Director of Services,

Roads & Transportation,

Cork County Council

The Courthouse


Co Cork


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