Pipeline Construction R603 St Finbarr Place,Bandon

Pipeline Construction R603 St Finbarr Place,Bandon




Pursuant to Section 75 of the Roads Act 1993, & Article 12 of the Roads Regulations 1994, notice is hereby given that Cork County Council proposes to temporarily close the following road for the period and reason specified below:-

Road Subject of Proposed Closure

R603-0(Part) St Finbarr Place, Bandon, from a point 5m north of the mid-point of its junction with the Glasslinn Road to its junction with Pearse Street.

Period of Proposed Closure

From 07.00hrs Monday 5th October 2020 to 19.00hrs Sunday 8th November 2020.

(24hr Closure)

Reason for Proposed Closure

To facilitate Pipeline Construction

Alternative Routes

Eastbound Traffic from Town Centre: All “Non-Heavy Goods Vehicles” travelling east along South Main Street, may divert north along Bridge Street, turn right onto McSwiney Quay, at the next junction with Bridge Place traffic will be allowed to take a right or left turn as usual. Bridge Street shall be altered to a one-way street for the duration of this road closure with traffic flows north bound only. Egress from Pearse Street and other available routes, outside of the road closure, shall be allowed.

All “Heavy Goods Vehicles” approaching from Market Street, which are not attending to businesses on South Main Street, shall divert left onto South Main Street, then turn right onto Weir Street, then continuing onto McSwiney Quay towards the Bridge Place junction. Glasslinn Road will maintain two way traffic flows to Bridge Place during this closure.

For “Heavy Goods Vehicles” seeking to attend businesses on South Main Street and Pearse Street access will be allowed, whereby all available egress routes outside of the road closure may be used, except for access onto Bridge Street which is only for “Non-Heavy Goods Vehicles”.

Westbound Traffic to Town Centre: For all “Non-Heavy Goods Vehicles” which were originally seeking to traverse the road closure travelling south bound towards the town centre, shall be allowed to divert along McSwiney Quay and then Weir Street or along the following alternative route Glasslinn Road, Station Road, Oliver Plunkett Street, St Patrick’s Quay and then Market Street.

“Heavy Goods Vehicles” will not be able/allowed to make the exit at Oliver Plunkett Street junction with St Finbarr Place. “Heavy Goods Vehicles” intending to access the town centre from the east side shall divert via Glasslinn Road then McSwiney Quay and Weir Street or alternatively via N71 Bandon Bypass to New Road, following onto St Patrick’s Place and Market Street.

Outer Orbital Route: Heavy goods vehicles travelling on the N71 and associated side roads, where not requiring access to the town centre shall be diverted onto the N71 Bypass.

Objections to this proposed temporary road closure should be made in writing, to the undersigned, quoting Ref: TRC-127-2020, not later than 5pm on Wednesday 9th September 2020. Telephone contact details should be included in the objection.

Director of Services,

Roads & Transportation,

Cork County Council

The Courthouse


Co Cork

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 09 2020
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Original SMS Content: Road Closure - R603 St Finbarr Place, Bandon from Monday 5th October to Sunday 8th November 2020 to facilitate Pipeline Construction.